My name is Sarah, and I'm a Master Energy Healer who specializes in helping entrepreneurs who are being held back by stress and mental blocks step into a whole new life of ease and JOY.

  • Do you experience daily anxiety
  • Are you getting less than 5 hours of sleep at night?
  • Do you depend on caffeine for energy?
  • Do you self-medicate in order to relax?
  • Do you get frequent headaches or lower backaches?
  • Is your marriage stressed?

While these are all common symptoms for talented and successful business owners, they are also symptoms of a deeper problem that won't necessarily be solved by affirmations, meditation, or prescriptions.

What takes most people decades of therapy or medication to solve, I am able to transform in a matter of weeks.

My clients commonly achieve:

instant stress and pain relief,

better sleep,

deeper fulfillment,

better control over their emotional state,

and exponential business growth.


On this page I've laid out a path for you to get immediate help with your stress/anxiety/sleep/mindset etc. 

Just follow the steps. If at any time you don't feel like I have what you're looking for, feel free to stop.

If it is helpful, then have fun!

STEP 1: Read Some Client Stories

Can you relate to any of these stories? If so, I might be able to help!

Headaches Disappear Along With Stress

Ann is a business owner who helps women who have dealt with the loss of a loved one. She originally came to me to help with her fibrobylagia, and  discovered that when she started managing her energy that her pain AND stress subsided. 

Along the way she has learned to trust herself and her instincts more.

5Xed His Business In The First Two Months

Tony is a cutting edge genius business consultant who came to us with severe migraines. Through our energy healing system he learned how to instantly release the migraines, and was surprised to see that his business rapidly grew as a result of the energy clearing work we did. 

Tony is now able to handle stressful situations with ease as well as manage his headaches and manifest financial abundance more easily. 

"A Completely Different Person For The Better"

Michelle is a high impact energy healer and coach who helps women heal from past traumas, and came to us for help with stress. 

She experienced exponential growth within the first month in Miracle90 while gaining the tools to help her clients transform their lives.

STEP 2: Take the "What's My Money Block" Quiz

Do you ever feel guilt about what you charge, or receiving more money than you anticipated?

Do you ever have a hard time talking about money with your friends and family?

Has your business been generating the same level of income for the past two years despite your efforts to grow?

These could be signs that you have a subconscious money block that is limiting your financial potential,

Smart business owners of all experience and financial levels experience money blocks. 

Want to gain clarity so you can break free?


Step 3: Receive an Energetic Adjustment to Release Financial Blocks

This 15 minute adjustment will help you to clear out subconscious blocks that have been preventing you from living your greatest financial potential. The shifts will take place over the next week and beyond. Enjoy!


STEP 4: Begin The 5 Day Rejuvenation Challenge

This is the first of 5 days of half-hour rejuvenation sessions that will help you to prevent stress and overwhelm all day long.

STEP 5: Want to find out the root of your greatest challenge is?

After filling out the form you’ll be sent to my calendar where you can schedule your complimentary breakthrough session. Talk soon!


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