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We all know that our bodies rejuvenate themselves while we sleep. But here is another reason rest is so very important for business owners, whose brains are one of the biggest assets.

"While we rest, there are tiny lymph channels that open up and drain toxic waste and proteins. The brain dumps about 3 pounds of toxins from the brain each year. This is the entire weight of the brain in toxins that get processed through these channels. "

Read the article here: 3 Ways to Cleanse Your Brain Lymph

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Loving Yourself More

Are you sick of lying to yourself with affirmations that feel like science fiction? If you're constantly bombarding yourself with unbelievable statements, you may be compromising your integrity with yourself, and making self-love even further out of reach. 

What can you do instead?

1. Discover the root energetic cause of self-apathy/resentment/loathing and work on solving the real problem. 

2. Be brutally yet compassionately honest with yourself. Instead of making overly good or bad judgments, observe and be present with your feelings. 

Allowing is one of the most powerful forms of self-love there is. 

3. Set strong boundaries - protect your vision and dreams! Say yes when you mean it, and no when you mean it. Let go of obligation, and focus your time, energy, and resources on people and projects that are part of your greatest expression of yourself. 


Don't Miss it!

Wednesday, February 20th in the Miracle90 client group I'm leading a group meditation to release negative energy/emotions/beliefs and become aligned with our goals. These group sessions help to relieve stress and pain and increase clarity, awareness, and productivity.  These complimentary sessions are offered weekly to Miracle90 clients and graduates.

***Thursday, February 21st I'm teaching a webinar for coaches and service providers: 

3 Complimentary Resources To Help You Release Stress And Limiting Beliefs:

I designed these resources just for people like you - business owners who are interested in increasing their growth and contribution by clearing out the root challenges using an energetic approach. Don't feel like you need to use them all this week! Pick the one that's most useful for you now.

1. QUIZ: What's Your Money Block? If you're generating 6 figures in your business, but you've hit a neverending plateau, then it's possible that a subconscious limiting belief is coming up. What I've seen from many successful business owners is that right before a financial explosion, doubt and non-deservingness takes over without them realizing it. If you want to discover what your block is, take this quiz: https://miracle90.mykajabi.com/what-s-your-money-block

2. 15 Minute Stress Relief Training -  Only a small percentage of stress comes from stressors. When you adjust your energy, the stressors don't feel so stressful OR the stressors take care of themselves. Watch this training to learn how you can take care of the real stress so that you can feel better and perform at your best. https://miracle90.mykajabi.com/free-stress-relief-training

3. Reiki Infused Sleep Meditation - If you have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, then you can receive healing energy through this meditation that will help you to release the energy that's making it so hard to sleep. https://miracle90.mykajabi.com/sleep-meditation




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