You Must Fix The Weak Link In Your Super Hero Chain

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Take a look at the people in your life that you spend the most time with. Do they push you, cheer you, or encourage you? Do you feel better about yourself when you're around them, or worse? Do you feel inspired around them?

These 5  behaviors are warning signs that a person isn't necessarily someone you want in your closest group, and will hold you back.

1. Gossip

2. Drama

3. Complaining

4. Jealousy

5. Scarcity mindset

Tony Robbins encourages his clients to keep close tabs on the quality of their peer group, and has a fabulous article on it here.

“The quality of a person’s life is most often a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.” - Tony Robbins

Read The Article From Team Tony Here

Weekly Easy Rejuvenating Exercise: 

Elevate Your Peer Group Journal Exercise (10 minutes)

Do this right away to quickly and easily level yourself up. It may be emotionally challenging to think about letting people go who you are close with, but I promise it will be the best for both of you. 

1. Close your eyes and take 7 deep breaths, drawing more of your life force (the increased life force will help you to tap into your subconscious during the exercise) 

2. Write down a description of your ideal peer group. How do you want to feel around them? Do you want to experience laughter? Growth? Love/connection? 

3. Write down a list of non-negotiable qualities that you want to avoid. 

4. *Make a list of your current 10 closest friends and family members and without judgment, circle the ones who meet your criteria, and cross out the ones who don't.

This may be surprising or even disturbing to see, and that's okay. This is where the shift lies. Remember you have no obligation to another person - even parents and siblings. As you grow it's healthy to continuously realign your peer group.

You may only have 2 or 3 individuals left, and maybe none at all. Remember, we are talking about the people you'll be interacting on a daily or weekly basis. You don't need 10 

5. Write "Thank you (Universe/God/Spirit) for sending me ______ people who will uplift, push, and grow with me. Thank you for guiding me to them, and for making it completely obvious who they are.

*This exercise doesn't necessarily apply to your spouse. If you really are committed to life-long marriage with your spouse, then you will need to accept that you are growing at different rates at times. If he/she is disrespectful or abusive, then, of course, that is different. 

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