7 Simple Steps To Go From Chaos To Calm

When I was stressed out of my mind, first I dealt with it (which meant ignoring it or pushing through)


When it got worse, I sought relief (which meant a lot of breathing, meditation, calming music, or wine). 


And then I got sick of the constant battle with anxiety and worry, I sought resolution (which meant releasing the root of the anxiety). 



Throughout years of training and practice, I developed the Energetic Emotional Release Technique, which is the basis of everything that I do today. 



I use it to help my clients naturally reprogram their beliefs, patterns, and stories so that they can continuously uplevel their relationships and businesses. 



EERT is so simple that you can even teach your kids to do it.


Here are the 7 Steps to Resolved Stress:


  1. Identify what you want and why


  1. Identify the gap (what's the roadblock?)


  1. Identify the root of the gap


  1. Identify where and when it came from (gain as much awareness as possible about it)


  1. Identify where it is now


  1. Release


  1. Take inspired action 



When I first started experimenting with this process, I found that it was healing my body, it helped me manifest powerful opportunities, and gave me immediate peace of mind. 



My clients have released chronic pain, panic attacks, and manifested new levels of income. 



If you are as tired as I was with the anxiety always returning after deep breathing exercises, meditating, other stress-relieving activities, then try EERT out for yourself, and let me know what you experience. 



If you have any trouble, let me know, and I can show you the system.


Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

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