Anger itself isn't harmful...

... It's the projection of the anger that is.

As a modern society, we've lost the art of processing emotions.

We look away.
We push them away.
We push them down.
We avoid.
We numb.
We escape.
We pretend.

We learn that they're scary because of the intense projection of others' emotions.

We're confused about what to do with the feelings of others, so we take responsibility for them.

Then when we are pushed to our limits,

When we are triggered,

And the pressure builds,

What we've been storing inside of us rises to the surface.

And without the effective tools and processes, the emotions enter our

Thought patterns,

Communication with our loved ones, clients, and teams,


And creations.

Without the tools and processes, our lives become infused with the emotions we carry.

That heavy load on our backs.
And muscles.
And joints.
And internal organs.

We try to think the emotions away,

We try to punish our emotions away,

And we try to control them.

But it never really works, because the emotional patterns are so deeply anchored into our subtle nervous system and subconscious.

Even in our DNA.

1. The first step to RESOLVING the emotional patterns that we seemingly have no control over, and continue to haunt us regardless of our personal development, is awareness.

Become fully aware of the emotional patterns and where they came from.

2. The next step is to engage with the pattern to disempower it.

Kind of like when you stand up to a bully, and you realize they aren't as scary as you thought they were, and they realize you aren't as helpless as they thought.

Then they walk away, never to harm you again.

3. Talk to the pattern and uncover the role it has been playing in your life, and let it know what your intention is going forward.

Set the boundaries.

4. Remove it from the space within you that you had been holding onto it.

5. Fill the new space in with the pattern that is authentic to you. Love, trust, acceptance, forgiveness, etc.

6. Anchor in your new pattern through new actions and decisions.

This takes listening and trusting, though my clients often don't need to try to do this step, because when you're ready for it, it happens naturally.

That's the beauty of working with the subconscious mind. With the right leadership, the positive changes happen automatically.

Try this process for yourself, and see how you feel.

Then if you get stuck or want more, let me know.

I'm here for you whenever you're ready to level up.

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