Bathing In The Dark Can Be Healing For The Soul

 The past couple of days my heart has felt heavy. It seems like in every part of life there is turmoil... yet when I look outside, there is beauty everywhere.

Positive Thinking can be tempting in times like this.

"Focus on the positive!"
"Don't let it get you down!"
"But look at all the good there is in the world!"

These are noble statements... and I had this attitude for many years.

The Think Positive attitude got me into the habit of putting my head in the sand and avoiding painful encounters, experiences, and feelings.

It almost ruined my marriage, caused me to do lasting damage to my kids, and sabotage my business.

Then after some serious wakeup calls (yes, it took a few to pull me out of the delusion)

I learned to see challenging emotional states as sacred experiences.

Opportunities for healing.

I've learned to embrace the anger or grief and use them to learn more about myself, my experience, and humanity.

And when I allow myself to be fully present with the feelings, I move through them to the other side.

And on that other side is clarity, wisdom, and expansive growth.

What are you feeling in this moment right now?

Do you feel the loss related to social activities or school?

Do you feel anger related to violent racist acts?

Do you feel loneliness?




Instead of changing the subject, turning the other way, or reacting,

Try bathing in the emotions.

Embrace them.

Acknowledge them.

Find out what they are trying to communicate to you.

What are they trying to pull from you?

What changes or growth are they leading you toward?

What do they feel like in your body?

Thank the anger, sorrow, or grief to their messages and presence, then release them.

(Yes, I did just suggest you talk with your emotions. I know it sounds crazy... but give it a try, and see what you discover)

Feelings are a gift to us. Everything we strive for is for the feeling.

And the contrast of feeling is what makes life so interesting, so juicy.

The deeper the sorrow, the greater the joy.

The sharper the anger, the fuller the love.

The deeper the inhale, the deeper the exhale.

Breathe in, breathe out.

These states are all just experiences, and we are blessed to have them at all.

And all the better when we can use them to make an impact, level up, and expand ourselves.

If you'd like any help with moving through the emotions so that you can start being productive again

(more than likely you are about to level up, and this is that "breakdown before the breakthrough" stage)

Let me know.

I'd be happy to set some time aside to chat.

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