Honor Your Anger

Uncategorized May 20, 2020

One of the biggest tragedies I see in America right now is the mass suppression of anger...


In America we are taught to "think positive" and that anger is bad. 


We are taught to say, 


"I'm fine, thank you" when we are asked how we are. 


But how are you really? 


What does 'fine' mean?


When you simply bypass the anger, a normal and healthy emotion, it eats away at you not only mentally, but also physically. 


Anger can be a sacred experience that leads to profound positive change. 


But when pushed back down or ignored, it tends to be projected and inflicted instead. 


Why would you have anger?


If you grew up in a family that yelled, or one of your parents had a temper, it's very likely that you are still holding onto anger. 


You know you're holding onto old anger if you 


Get frustrated easily

Are quick to react

Have a lot of negative self talk

Don't ever feel anger


When I hear a client talk about how they feel angry a lot, I'm GLAD. 


It's the ones who don't feel anger that concern me the most. 


If they don't feel anger there's a good chance there is so much of it that your brain has blocked you from experiencing it, and you've completely internalized it...


Or you were taught as a child that anger is bad and that it's not okay to be angry - in which case it's still been internalized. 


If you are feeling it, then at least you have a flow of the emotion. 


And once you have the awareness that you have built up anger, you can do something about it. 


I created a process just for removing built up emotions called Energetic Emotional Release Technique that processes the anger and removes the pattern so that have freedom over your emotional state. 


It's not about eliminating anger, it's about removing the buildup to make space for more calm. 


After my clients do this, they physically feel lighter and less pain in their bodies. 


They feel mentally clearer, and are able to more easily able to level up their businesses and relationships.


EERT for anger release creates new pathways for healing and forgiveness. 


If you'd like to learn this for yourself let me know, because I have a couple of trainings on it, and am also happy to chat about it. 


Right now you can start with awareness. 


Close your eyes, and ask yourself, 


"Where am I holding onto the anger right now?"


Then notice where you feel a heavy or prickly sensation in your body. 


You may not physically feel it, but have a sense of where it is. 


Let me know in the comments or private message - where can you feel it in your body? 


And if you can't feel it, let me know that too, and I'll help you.


Photo by Adrian Fernández on Unsplash

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