How I Went From Being A Sleep Deprived, Freakish Stay At Home To A Balanced And Harmonious Entrepreneur (Who Homeschools Her Kids)

  1. The year I had enough.


I’d spent 3 years as a stay at home and I couldn’t do another.


The early morning wake-ups


The all-night nursing


The all-day sibling fighting and crying


The obsession with being a perfect mom 


I was too deep in a bubble and I had to get out (before I drowned and lost myself forever)


My lifeboat?


An advertisement for the pottery class I saw in a local newspaper.


I signed up and entered a new world of creativity and exploration that brought me back to myself and beyond my self.


Being creative again unlocked new energies I didn’t know I had and I wanted to explore it further.


A friend recommended Reiki, an energy healing modality that helps practitioners tap into their own Source of power and well-being


And channel it to help and heal others.


Reiki training was less about learning and more about REMEMBERING.


Remembering my innate ability to heal myself.


To destress from anxiety.


To let go of pain.


To find wellness and harmony regardless of what circumstances life puts my way. 


And once I had, I was ready to share it with the world.


It didn’t take long for the first clients to come through the door and experience the benefits too.


Family traumas.


Childhood wounds.


Letting go of medication.


I started to see it and treat it all.


And beyond treating, I taught my clients HOW TO HEAL THEMSELVES.


This is the greatest lesson most people will ever learn.


We are our own best healers.


And if you have any doubt about that …


Then reach out …


I have 7 years of videos, trainings, and audios dedicated to teaching you how to help yourself forever. 

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