How Money Blocks And Self-Sabotage Are Developed And Maintained And How To Release And Resolve Them.

I asked my kids a powerful question today...


"What's the benefit of being poor?"


Their immediate response was,





On my Phone Call Walk the other day I was talking with a Vibrant Life Community member about self-sabotage, and how it takes more than just "negative messages" to make someone engage in self-destructive behavior.


Like when a client told me that she never completed projects and had Shiny Object Syndrome because her mom always let her off the hook when things got hard. 


Then after some more discussion, she casually mentioned that her mom was a screamer, and punished her for making mistakes. 


This is what the human mind does in that situation:


Yelling = rejection


Parents = life 


Rejection = "I'm not loved" and "I'm not good enough"


"I'm not loved" = “My life is being threatened, I’m not safe”


(Yes, in the subconscious mind of a child this is often the reality because children need to be loved to survive)


And when it happens over and over again it = "I'm not loveable."


Parents yelling/punishment at kids over mistakes often creates a powerful negative association with taking risks and completing projects. 


AND it often creates a pattern of self-sabotage, because on a subconscious level they don't feel good enough, worthy, or capable. 



Now getting back to my original point...


It's typically more than just negative messages from adults and media that create money blocks and financial self-sabotage.


It's typically the combination of negative messages and emotional trauma.


See, Emotionally Well Humans will do just about anything to take care of themselves in a way that they thrive.


In our natural state of balance and harmony, Well Humans eat well, we groom well, we clean well, we work well, and we manage our money well


(assuming we have the resources to do so... but in the natural state we are incredibly resourceful).


So what does one do once they realize that they are still suffering because of emotional trauma? 


You get to the root of it and energetically release it. 


Once the emotional patterns and limiting beliefs are removed, you are able to get back to your natural state. The REAL you. 


Are you ready to put the self-sabotage and money blocks behind you?


Let me know, and I can help you release the root of them so that you can get back to showing up in your full potential again.

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