Quantum Activities To Get You Your Time Back

People often ask me,
“Sarah, how do you get all that done??”
I homeschool my kids,
I’ve built several online programs and run them,
I work with clients privately,
And manage it all each day.
When I first started this, I quickly got burned out - stressed, short fuse, constantly sick, and put some of my most important personal activities on hold.
It didn’t work for me, my family, or my clients and students who I was constantly losing track of.
Because I was so focused on achieving goals, I neglected the things that have since then made me the most successful:
Quantum Activities.
Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressed, it seems like one bad thing happens after another?
When it rains, it pours.
And you're always behind, racing to catch up.
Always putting out fires.
And because you're always racing and putting out fires, you can't afford to lose any time, you sleep less and work even more.
And you're still behind. And even more stressed. And sick. And grumpy. And reactive.
Which puts you even further behind… and the cycle continues.
Wanna know something crazy?
If you start taking an hour each day (even though you can't afford to) to do a Quantum Activity, you'll immediately start getting more done with less time.
It feels like a magic trick, but it's not.
When you work on the quantum level, time stops, and friction disappears.
You enter a state of flow.
You produce and achieve with ease.
The first time I discovered this was in a group pottery studio where I would put some music on (ambient, bluegrass, heavy metal, it didn’t matter what kind) and create massive amounts of potters, or complete intricate sculptures in no time at all.
My studio mates would ask me,
“Sarah, how did you do all that so fast??”
12 hours of work completed in 4.
For me, pottery is a quantum activity. Time stops, and I work effortlessly.
When I found myself perpetually burned out as a stay-at-home mom and business owner, I recalled the experience with pottery.
“What if there are other activities that put me in the flow the same way pottery does, so I can get more done in less time?”
I focused on this question for years, developing my own system of Time Hacking.
The system is called the Life In Flow Design Process, which I have a mini-training that I can give you.
There are also some Quantum Activities that help you put you in and stay in the quantum field.
In one of my signature programs, Recharge, my clients learn how to utilize their own energy to reach lasting quantum states that help them achieve more in less time.
This happens because they remove the blocks, and attract and easily spot the resources and paths of least resistance.
So when you find yourself overworked, neglecting yourself and family, or seeing diminishing returns, take some time out during the day and stop all work efforts.
Do the yoga.
Take the walk.
Play the instrument.
Do your Energetic Adjustment.
Enter the quantum field, remove the resistance, stop the time, and allow your tasks and achievements to flow through you.
Being successful doesn't have to be so hard.
If you want it to start getting EASIER, then ask me about Recharge and we can talk about how that would work in your unique situation.
You deserve your time back. You are worth it.

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