Use The Quantum Field To Release Stress And Level Up


Inspired By Science

Energy healing works according to the laws of quantum mechanics. I love this article from Forbes Magazine about the quantum field, and how particles are created. 

"At the high temperatures achieved in the very young Universe, not only can particles and photons be spontaneously created, given enough energy, but also antiparticles and unstable particles as well, resulting in a primordial particle-and-antiparticle soup. Yet even with these conditions, only a few specific states, or particles, can emerge."

Ask Ethan: How Do Quantum Fields Create Particles?

Weekly Easy Rejuvenating Exercise

Want a quick and easy process that you can do anytime anywhere to help you become grounded and centered when you're beginning to feel overwhelmed with your workload?

Here is something that I do with my clients - I also do it every morning myself.

1. Get comfortable - in your car, office chair, bed, floor... whatever works wherever you are. A lot of my clients even like to do this standing in the in the bathroom stall before an important meeting or event!

2. Close your eyes and take some very deep breaths through your nose, allowing your stomach to expand with each breath.

3. Visualize a ball of light floating down from the sky, and entering your head. Notice the color of the light. It can be any color and may be many colors at once.

4. Imagine this ball of light entering each area of your body, completely filling each area with light. 

5. As the light reaches your feet, imagine it entering the Earth, reaching the very center, connecting with the core (heart) of the Earth. Feel the connection and support. 

6. Notice all of the emotional and physical sensations you experience.

7. When you feel complete with the exercise, take a deep breath and open your eyes. 

You should feel rejuvenated the first time, and each time you do it, the better it works. Eventually, you'll develop muscle memory for the exercise. 

Don't Miss it!

Tuesday, February 12th in the Recharge group on Facebook I'm interviewing Samantha Hartley from Enlightened Marketing. Our topic is: Making a Bigger Impact Through High Ticket Programs.

Wednesday, February 13th in the Miracle90 client group I'm leading a group meditation to release negative energy/emotions/beliefs and become aligned with our goals. These group sessions help to relieve stress and pain and increase clarity, awareness, and productivity.  These sessions are offered weekly to Miracle90 clients and graduates.

Thursday, February 21st I'm teaching a webinar for coaches and service providers: 

Inspiring Stories

Doing what you're passionate about extends you're life! On a scale of 1-10, how passionate are you about your work? Also, if a doctor gives you a time limit on your life, get a second (or 3rd and 4th) opinion!

Cancer Patient Who Set Up Antiques Shop as Dying Wish is Still in Business 20 Years Later


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