You Don't Need To Be A Ninja To Clear Your Mind




Tracy Brower from Forbes Magazine wrote a great article about how play can boost productivity by at least 20%. That can turn a 10 hour work day into just 8 hours! What would you do with 2 extra hours each day?

Here are the reasons the states in the article:

1. Play fosters innovation.

2. Play unites team members.

3. Play lets us bring more of ourselves to work.

4. Play helps us blow off steam. 

Read the Forbes Productivity Article Here

Weekly Easy Rejuvenating Exercise: 

Clear Your Mind (2 minutes)

My 6 year old son, River asked me how to clear his mind the other day. "Do I have to be a ninja to clear my mind?" he asked.

No, you don't need to be a ninja, or a monk. You just need to be able to focus on one thing. 

In this video I show you a process that takes just 2 minutes that you can practice before you start a work session or sales appointment.


[If the video below doesn't play, go to this link


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3 Complimentary Resources To Help You Release Stress And Limiting Beliefs: 

I designed these resources just for people like you - business owners who are interested in releasing limiting blocks and stress that hold them back from living their full potential. Don't feel like you need to use them all this week! Pick the one that's most useful for you now.

1. Reiki Infused Sleep Meditation - If you have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, then you can receive healing energy through this meditation that will help you to release the energy that's making it so hard to sleep.

2. 15 Minute Rejuvenation Session: Release Your Money Blocks - Do you ever feel guilty about charging or receiving for your high-value services? Do you find yourself accidentally stopping yourself from reaching the next level of income every time you get close? If you said "yes," then this Rejuvenation Session will help to release the energetic (mental/emotional/spiritual) money blocks.

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