Honor Your Anger

Uncategorized May 20, 2020

One of the biggest tragedies I see in America right now is the mass suppression of anger...


In America we are taught to "think positive" and that anger is bad. 


We are taught to say, 


"I'm fine, thank you" when we are asked how we are. 


But how are you really? 


What does 'fine' mean?


When you simply bypass the anger, a normal and healthy emotion, it eats away at you not only mentally, but also physically. 


Anger can be a sacred experience that leads to profound positive change. 


But when pushed back down or ignored, it tends to be projected and inflicted instead. 


Why would you have anger?


If you grew up in a family that yelled, or one of your parents had a temper, it's very likely that you are still holding onto anger. 


You know you're holding onto old anger if you 


Get frustrated easily

Are quick to react

Have a lot of negative self talk

Don't ever feel...

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The Secret To RESOLVING Stage Fright Before An Important Speaking Event

Uncategorized May 20, 2020

Do you still get butterflies before stepping on stages or pressing "go live" on Facebook?

How about panic or paralysis?

If you use stress management techniques, and your nerves still get the best of you, check out this mini-training about RESOLVING the stress so that you enter the stage with confidence, and your words flow with ease every time. 

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I used to dread Mother's Day...

Uncategorized May 19, 2020
... but every year it gets better and better.
Because no matter how much Ryan did to make it special, Mother's Day would often be filled with expectations and resentment.
Because I would have all kinds of expectations about what it should be, get my hopes up about the what the day would be like.
I figured I would get breakfast in bed and be waited on all day... and never touch a dirty dish.
And that Ryan would magically know all of what I wanted, and make it happen.
Needless to say, Mother's Day never turned out like that, and I would be disappointed.
What I've learned about special days is that it is my own responsibility to make it the best day ever for me.
No one is doing to read my mind.
For example, Ryan was going to get me something I didn't really want and he asked me about it first.
(A few years ago I would have not wanted to hurt his feelings, and said yes, even...
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Learning To Love Myself Happened By Accident

Uncategorized May 18, 2020
If someone told me to love myself
after 25 years of feeling loathing, shame, or apathy towards myself, I would have thought they were nuts.
I remember my mom telling me when I was about 5
“You have to love yourself if you want to love others.”
And I thought,
“Well, then I’m screwed because I kind of hate myself.”
Okay, I may not have used that language back then, but you get the point :)
The problem was that I had no concept of self-love.
“What does self-love even mean?”
Then when I would hear about it I’d just feel even worse about myself, because I knew I definitely wasn’t doing it.
OR I would think,
“Yeah, of course, I love myself,” denying the fact that my typical self-talk went a little like
“What is wrong with you”
“Everyone hates you”
“You’re such a loser”
“You’re disgusting”
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6 Steps to Mastering Positive Thinking and Mindset

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2019

A high emotional vibration is essential for the quality of your life and manifesting greater levels of prosperity and loving relationships. Most people aim to "think positive" in order to achieve and maintain high frequency. 

Positive thinking and mindset do help, but the only problem is that for many people, it can lead to low self-confidence in the end. "Thinking positive" often leads to self-judgment and suppressed emotions. 

6 Steps to Mastering Positive Thinking and Mindset

1. Stop looking at thoughts as "good" and "bad."
2. Be careful that positive thinking and mindset doesn't become a form of perfectionism and a control mechanism.
3. Be kind to yourself. It's okay to have fear-based thoughts.
4. Realize that your thoughts are just symptoms. They are your conscious expression of your massive subconscious world.
5. Listen to your thoughts and feelings, but don't dwell on them - gain the mental muscles to be able to redirect yourself to a more empowering direction.
6. Have...

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All the Things to Reduce Stress: Meditation (1 of 3)

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2019

Meditation is a powerful practice to incorporate into your daily routine to reduce stress and increase productivity.

In this 11 minute episode I talked about when meditation is appropriate. 

Meditation can be a powerful way to calm the mind and body, and it becomes even more powerful when accompanied by doing inner work to address the reason you have so much stress in the first place.

Energy balancing makes meditation easier and more effective so that you experience results faster, and receive positive reinforcement. 



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How to Deal With Negative Emotions Without Dwelling on Negativity or Suppressing Your Feelings

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2019

Has anyone told you to avoid negative thoughts?

While that might work in the moment, avoiding any thoughts leads to trouble down the road. 

But if you aren't supposed to avoid the thoughts, what do you do with them??

You certainly don't want to get stuck in negativity or accidentally manifest negative situations.


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The Art Of Fulfilling Relationships For High Achievers

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2019

This week we talked about the inner work of fulfilling relationships. This is powerful stuff! 

If you want deep and meaningful relationships and avoid the superficial clutter, check out these videos.

1. Identify what makes your relationships fulfilling.

2. Create a fulfilling relationship for yourself

3. Increase your self worth: What you see in yourself is what you see in others

4. Develop a mindset of trust

5. Set healthy boundaries within the relationship


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Unselfish Self-Care for High Achievers

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2019

How often do you put off taking care of yourself? You know, the things that help you thrive the most in order to take care of someone or something else?

There is no need to be perfect with your prioritization of self-care, but if you fin yourself putting it off at least 50% of the time, then take a look at your approach and mindset around it. 

If you are long overdue on your thriving activities, feel free to download this meditation to use before sleeping to help you wake up rejuvenated. https://www.vibrantlifenaturalhealing.com/sleep-meditation



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Don't Wait To Recharge

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2019


An Article I Think You'll Love


How often do you find yourself longing for a vacation - and feeling guilty because you have so much integrity with your work ethic?

"Burned-out billionaires are taking extended multimillion-dollar 'sabbaticals' to recharge, from world tours on private jets to skiing expeditions in Antarctica"

Read more about how high achievers fight burnout here

Weekly Easy Rejuvenating Exercise

Quick Recharge (3 minutes minutes) 


How often can you afford to take a vacation?

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours on a temporary recharge. 

You can do it right now!

All it takes is connecting to Life Force and directing the energy through your energy field. 

1. To connect to Life Force you can either imagine yourself surrounded by light, or use the energetic triggers that you learn in Miracle90 or Recharge (the new transformational program for business owners!)

2. Take a few deep...

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