You Don't Need To Be A Ninja To Clear Your Mind

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Tracy Brower from Forbes Magazine wrote a great article about how play can boost productivity by at least 20%. That can turn a 10 hour work day into just 8 hours! What would you do with 2 extra hours each day?

Here are the reasons the states in the article:

1. Play fosters innovation.

2. Play unites team members.

3. Play lets us bring more of ourselves to work.

4. Play helps us blow off steam. 

Read the Forbes Productivity Article Here

Weekly Easy Rejuvenating Exercise: 

Clear Your Mind (2 minutes)

My 6 year old son, River asked me how to clear his mind the other day. "Do I have to be a ninja to clear my mind?" he asked.

No, you don't need to be a ninja, or a monk. You just need to be able to focus on one thing. 

In this video I show you a process that takes just 2 minutes that you can practice before you start a work session or sales appointment.


[If the video below doesn't play, go to this link ...

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"Sleep is for the weak," Said Every Burned Out Entrepreneur

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Articles I love

Let's be honest... how much sleep do you get each night? 5, 4, or 3 hours? Sometimes fewer?

I can attest to this article, as my first 4 years of being a mom I was completely sleep deprived, and was much more prone to anxiety, yelling, depression, and getting sick than any other time in my life.


"Tiredness can have a severe impact on all areas of your life, and a profound impact on your productivity at work. This sleep study bu Hult International Business School highlights just how detrimental lack of sleep can be:

Read the Hult Business School Article Here

Weekly Easy Rejuvenating Exercise: 

Breathing (2 minutes)

One of the most common reasons for sleepless nights is built up stress that has been stuck inside, causing you to be mentally/emotionally/spiritually restless.

One of the easiest ways to release internal stress is with breathing. By simply practicing healthy breathing throughout the day, you can release a lot of the...

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What You Think About Your Food Matters

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019


Inspiring Articles

Gratitude is one of the most simple and easy ways to positively focus your energy. For your complimentary 30-day gratitude journal, go to the Complimentary Resources section of the newsletter.

"Slow down, you're eating too fast. Distracted, hurried eating may add pounds and take away pleasure.

Does this sound familiar?"

Read the Harvard Health article here: Mindful Eating

Weekly Easy Rejuvenating Exercise: 

Mindful Eating (2 minutes)

Connecting spiritually with gratitude and appreciation have a positive effect on how you digest and process your food. On a physical level, gratitude and appreciation help to relax the body, helping your digestive system to work more efficiently. On an energetic level, gratitude and appreciation help you to receive the nutrients and nourishment from the food. 

Here is another article about how gratitude can help you lose weight (from Huffington Post) ...

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YOU Are A Gift

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2019


Inspiring Articles

Gratitude is one of the most simple and easy ways to positively focus your energy. For your complimentary 30-day gratitude journal, go to the Complimentary Resources section of the newsletter.

"Our days rarely go according to plan or without unexpected challenges. Some of us can naturally appreciate the sweet moments as they happen throughout the day, while many of us need to cultivate this sense of appreciation." Dr. Randy Kamen

Read the article here: The Transformative Power of Gratitude

Weekly Easy Rejuvenating Exercise: 

Gratitude Flood (10 minutes)

This is an exercise inspired by one that I learned at the Tony Robbins seminars I attended. Don't let the simplicity fool you - this one exercise has the power to set yourself up for the best day of your life, regardless of how yesterday went, or how it started. 

Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths in and out, focusing on your breath. Feel every...

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Loving Yourself Shouldn't Be A Chore

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2019


Inspiring Stories

We all know that our bodies rejuvenate themselves while we sleep. But here is another reason rest is so very important for business owners, whose brains are one of the biggest assets.

"While we rest, there are tiny lymph channels that open up and drain toxic waste and proteins. The brain dumps about 3 pounds of toxins from the brain each year. This is the entire weight of the brain in toxins that get processed through these channels. "

Read the article here: 3 Ways to Cleanse Your Brain Lymph

Weekly Easy Rejuvenating Exercise



Loving Yourself More

Are you sick of lying to yourself with affirmations that feel like science fiction? If you're constantly bombarding yourself with unbelievable statements, you may be compromising your integrity with yourself, and making self-love even further out of reach. 

What can you do instead?

1. Discover the root energetic cause of self-apathy/resentment/loathing and work on solving...

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Use The Quantum Field To Release Stress And Level Up


Inspired By Science

Energy healing works according to the laws of quantum mechanics. I love this article from Forbes Magazine about the quantum field, and how particles are created. 

"At the high temperatures achieved in the very young Universe, not only can particles and photons be spontaneously created, given enough energy, but also antiparticles and unstable particles as well, resulting in a primordial particle-and-antiparticle soup. Yet even with these conditions, only a few specific states, or particles, can emerge."

Ask Ethan: How Do Quantum Fields Create Particles?

Weekly Easy Rejuvenating Exercise

Want a quick and easy process that you can do anytime anywhere to help you become grounded and centered when you're beginning to feel overwhelmed with your workload?

Here is something that I do with my clients - I also do it every morning myself.

1. Get comfortable - in your car, office chair, bed, floor... whatever works wherever you are. A lot of my...

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