to release the blocks

that are keeping you from living a life of abundance, flow, and ease, and be able to do it on demand, any time, anywhere.

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Let's Do It!

If you’re a high performing leader - A CEO, Entrepreneur, or Dedicated Parent looking to level up your productivity and performance with ease and speed, then you already know that you need to optimize your Inner Game.


You’ve read all the books and made incredible changes to get to where you are now…

And you know that there is no limit to what you can achieve, 

And that your next step is releasing the hidden mental or emotional barriers you have to your next level,

Increasing your ability to be clear and calm in any situation

So that you make the big decisions with confidence

Playing full out


Becoming legondary at everything you do.

CEO - Parent - Spouse - Artist - Musician - Athlete - Chef - Mentor



Here’s what you might not know:

By doing the Inner Optimization work: 

  • You’ll attract your dream team so that everyone is working in their greatest strengths and passions which leads to greater productivity, impact, profit, and joy.


  • Money flows even more easily so that you have the energy to enjoy your successes without the worry or sacrifice.


  • Synergy with your partner so that you feel more happy and confident in your marriage, which energizes your work as well.


  • Harmony in your home so that you feel more comfortable and productive at home. Harmony in your home helps you preserve your energy for the things that matter most, like connection with your loved ones, personal projects that light you up, and making an impact in the world. 

Deeper connection with your children so that you can have the impact oni them that you really want - for them to grow up as confident and successful adults, achieving even more than you will in your lifetime.

Even though the reason to optimize your Inner Game is obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.  

You’ve tried meditation - which works - but you've come to a point where you’re looking for something… more robust. Something even deeper. 

You’ve tried the manifestation techniques channelled from masters, but they haven’t worked long term, and haven't fixed any real problems. 

You’ve included prayer into your spiritual practice, which feels incredible, and now you’re looking for something on a whole new level. 

For most people these methods would be fine.

They would be enough.

But you aren’t most people.

You are here to impact the WORLD. 

YOU are the next generation of Great Leaders that the world looks up to. This is your Calling, and you’ll never be satisfied until you fulfill your greatest mission and vision.

And the reason your previous methods haven’t been working for you on their own isn’t because there’s anything wrong with them - or you.

It’s because you are growing at a rapid pace, and you easily outgrow conventional methods. 


What you really need at this stage in your evolution is something that will grow WITH you, and uses unconventional methods - something designed for a changemaker like you. 


You’re busy - you’ve got a family, a workout routine, a team to lead, and client calls.  

Hours of meditation just isn’t cutting it anymore.  

You’re ready for something that get you measurable progress in less time. 


Want to know a secret?

The reason most high achieving leaders give up on their personal/spiritual development practice is because they

  1. Make it too complicated and unreasonable
  2. Don’t believe in the power if simplicity and Less is More
  3. Have a hard time putting themselves first until they are in a crisis situation 
  4. Their practice doesn’t go deep enough, therefore they plateau and stop seeing results

Realistically, there are very few people who ever get to the level that you’re at, because you have been consistent, trusted your path, and been interested in going deeper and deeper into your process. 


The 3 Mindset Shifts You Need To Make Right Now In Order To Level Up and Make The Impact You REALLY Want 

  1. Do the Inner work to fix the Root Cause of any limiting beliefs.
  2. Address the holistic and systemic patterns that are influencing your decisions and behaviors.
  3. Be consistent with a simple and effective daily practice that achieves the above,  and measure the progress.

Here’s the thing - your mindfulness and spiritual practices do work. 


AND if you want to experience next-level change - transformation - becoming the person you know you were truly born to be… 


You’re going to need methods that are more robust. 

Methods that go deeper, reach wider, and address the real issues. 


You’re going to need something that not only feels good, but gets real measurable results!


When you consistently do the inner work that addresses the holistic and systemic patterns, you experience massive and rapid growth. 


Challenges that you’ve spent decades working to overcome start to become non-issues in a matter of days.. 


You feel re-energized… Recharged. 


And with your permission I’d love to show you how to do this.



The Transformation System for

Living in Flow and Manifesting Your Dreams


Over the past decades I’ve helped thousands of leaders to unlock their full potential and manifest 

More time

Fulfilling Relationships

Greater Abundance

Ease and Flow

This is the same system that I use every day to stay in flow and ease, and achieve the results I want in my marriage, with my children, my health, and my business.

It has helped me eliminate unnecessary stress and worry (saving me tremendous TIME and ENERGY)


My clients have overcome physical challenges, created their dream relationships, unlocked new levels of income, and discovered their ability to be calm in all situations using this system. 


With Recharge, clients land their biggest sales, advance the harmony and profitability of partnerships and teams, break out of slumps, reduce or eliminate medications, become free of unhealthy relationship patterns, and heal relationships with significant others and family. 


They don't use any tricks or complicated tactics to get these seemingly miraculous results…

They just take a holistic approach, address the root causes and systems, and put in place powerful self-care practices. 

Life in Flow is the only program of it’s kind that 

  • Focuses on the Inner Work to address the Root Cause of limiting beliefs
  • Addresses the holistic and systemic patterns that are influencing your decisions and behaviors
  • Offers a simple and effective daily practice that achieves the above, with measurable results

Recharge isn’t just a training program, it is a guided process and a system to utilize over and over.

You’ll be fully activated in learning, implementing, and experiencing deep inner transformation. 

My clients tell me that just by engaging in the program, they start feeling the shift.  

So if you’re finally ready to reach that next level of impact and abundance with consistent growth, here’s how we’ll get you there:

 In this section, you'll get an overview of the Recharge process

  1. Introduction:
    • This is where you’ll be set up for the greatest level of success in your Recharge process and journey
  2. Learn about energy and how it relates to your mindset, health, and your business.
    • Practice connecting with your Source Energy in new ways and start feeling the transformation. 
    • Experience calm and harmony in your body on demand

      3. Learn ancient methods and a Japanese practice called Reiki to clear stuck energy and emotions, and elevate your Life Force Energy.

      1. This process unlocks your body, mind, and soul to make the root of your energy, emotions, and identities easily accessible to the transformation.
      2. It clears the mind and increases positive emotions and feelings.
      3. Reiki will be the foundation of the transformation that occurs in your Recharge process.
      4. By the end of the process, you will be a Reiki Master.
      5. Influence the energy around you to unlock hidden potential - everything starts with the energy. The patterns shift with the energy.

       4. Create alignment 

    1. Become aware of your strengths and opportunity areas and level yourself up across all areas of life
    2. Become aware of your consciousness zones and learn how to navigate zones of victim to empowerment so that you spend more time in ease and flow and less time in force and struggle.
    3. Create a Vision Statement that will help you to stay laser-focused on what you want most in the next 1-10 years. 
    4. When you stay laser-focused on your areas of opportunity and desires, and you have the awareness of the state of your consciousness, you will become a magnet for what you want. You start manifesting with ease - especially when you bring in the next 2 sections

       5. Learn a daily practice that elevates your energy, beliefs, emotions, and ability to maintain calm and clarity throughout the day

    1. This can be practiced in 5-20 minutes, and the results last all day, and stack from one session to the next
    2. It works on the deepest level to create new patterns that directly lead to the results you want
    3. When practicing this regularly, you naturally experience ease and flow throughout the day.
    4. It's easier than meditation and creates measurable results in relationships, health, and finances
    5. You'll advance quickly in a way that impacts everything - productivity, relationship harmony, abundance, body balance, etc

       6. Reprogram subconscious beliefs and patterns

        1. Integrate your Whole Brain to create more mental and life balance
        2. Heal the Inner Systems that are unconsciously running your life
        3. Heal outer relationships that are strained in any way
        4. Learn the language of your intuition
        5. You'll be able to respond with clarity and intention in all situations, rather than reacting to subconscious triggers, which will transform the way you communicate with loved ones, clients, and your team, as well as making aligned decisions. 

        7. Learn and practice Energetic Emotional Release Technique, a unique practice of reading and moving energy

        1. Tap into higher intelligence and gain clarity
        2. Upgrade your subconscious programming
        3. Release attached negativity
        4. Release addiction
        5. Cultivate oneness
      1. Connect with your highest level Spiritual Guidance 
        1. Receive Inner Spiritual Guidance
        2. Connect with and heal your Inner Child
        3. Release Childhood Trauma


How much time does it take? 

Recharge is a self-paced program. It takes students and clients an average of 6-12 months to complete, and the overachievers do it in 3 months, then repeat it a few times, as they get more and more each time they cycle through. 


I recommend scheduling an hour each week to work on the program, and 20 minutes each day to implement. This is a special time just for you, and counts as your self-care, which means you schedule it in before everything else. 

I know it can be hard to add another thing into your schedule, and what I love about prioritizing this kind of activity is that it cultivates increased performance, making you more productive overall. 

What is the structure like?

I’ve structured Recharge to work for all learning types. There are instructional videos, downloadable audios, worksheets, and handouts as well as hands on activities. 

Do I have to start right now?

Technically you don’t have to do anything ;) But I recommend my students time the start of this journey with when they want to get results. And you’ll start seeing results in the first week or even hours, so if you are ready for results now, then isn’t now the best time to start? Why wait?

How much does it cost?

The self-paced program is just $997 or $97/month (and use the coupon code RECHARGE7 to get started for just $7!). If you’re looking to work with me personally, then I have a couple of other options which are $3,000 or $10,000.

How much homework will there be?

There are journal and energetic exercises each week, and I recommend setting aside 20-30 minutes each week. If you’re an overachiever, you may feel compelled to do more, especially as you see the results. 

Will doing this deep work negatively impact my business?

A lot of other programs break you down before you build back up. Because Recharge helps you maintain a constant state of flow, there is no need to break down, which means you are in optimal productivity. 

Once I start this process, is there any way to keep in contact with you?

I understand with such a deep process as Recharge that you may want to keep in touch with me. You are free ask questions in the Life in Flow group, which I am very responsive to, and if you are truly stuck, email me. Want to directly work with me, you can join the Sanctuary Mastermind.