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Hi! I’m Sarah,  Reiki Master Teacher, Freedom Coach, and Mommy in Denver, CO.

I discovered Reiki after dealing with a lifetime of anxiety and autoimmune disease, spending decades feeling low confidence. I was terrified to be myself and follow my dreams. I was terrified of imperfection and mistakes.  Who was I to make a difference in the world? Who was I to do big things? Who was I to love myself??

After having kids and realizing that my mindset and low confidence were getting in the way of raising confident kids, I knew something had to change. I knew I had to change! After praying and surrendering, I discovered Reiki as a transformational tool and career.

I had been looking for something I could do to help support my family while staying home with my kids, and Reiki was it! I had been looking for a way to heal my mind, body, spirit, and life, and Reiki was it!

I remember crying in joy when I learned about Reiki, and what it could do for me.

Reiki helped me to heal the root cause of my symptoms, allowing me to move into confidence and well-being. Since practicing Reiki I have healed countless areas in my life… including anxiety, depression, food addiction, and cavities. I learned that Reiki is amazingly beneficial for my children as well! I have been using it to help them sleep and stay healthy since they were babies.

Having always been guided to heal, I had been working with energy since I was a small child– Reiki was nothing new to me. As an Empath, I have the natural ability to feel and read the energy of others. Throughout my life I have been communicating with God, Divine Christ, and Angels, which add insight and clarity to the healing process.

I work with parents, grandparents, and other professionals to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, and I have the ability to find the root cause of the challenge. I help clients transform their energy, encouraging limitless healing. I also have extensive knowledge of nutrition, which can be added to your treatment plan.




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